Veterans Day Tribute 2018

This Veterans Day in Florida is marked with concerns over recounts and voter fraud. It’s unfortunate but also instructive. Over 80% of the world’s population isn’t truly free. Despite our constant battles over right and wrong and ideology stateside, it's a luxury we have.  Those who’ve fought and served allow us to worry about issues like these. Brave men and women who fight and serve today continue to allow us to live in freedom once the dust settles. According to the VA there are 20.8 million veterans in the United States. 

Our vets are our friends, neighbors and loved ones. They’re 6.5% of the population who continue to provide freedom for the 93.5% of the rest of us who enjoy it. We should never take their commitment and service for granted. Yesterday, today is their day. It’s important to make it count. Today it’s the ongoing effort to combat terror around the world. Over 70 years ago it was to save the world. Only around 600,000 veterans from our Greatest Generation remain. Honor them and thank them for their service. They literally saved the world with their service and sacrifice. Just over 1.4 million veterans of the Forgotten War are with us today. While the Koran Conflict remains, South Korea’s a sovereign state today and our greatest ally in the region because of them.  

Vietnam, damn Vietnam. Today more than 6.5 million Vietnam vets should be thanked for answering the call of duty, giving it their all and honoring their country. You’ve always deserved better. Elections have consequences and politicians make mistakes, but you are hero's all the same. To our greater than 7 million Gulf war era veterans, you fought and won an incredible victory freeing Kuwait and preventing the murderous tyrant of Iraq from establishing a greater foothold in the middle-east to carry out his tyranny. Additionally, more than a million of you were still serving the day the world changed. 

For the greater than five million vets who’ve taken on terror and continue to do so to this day. Thank you. Terrorists are on the run and hide in tight circles because you’ve taken the fight to them.  

May God bless all of you and thank you. Freedom has never been free and the scars you bear, both physically and mentally are not in vain. 

Photo by: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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