There's Chickens On The Loose In Hialeah And Neighbors Aren't Happy

Neighbors in Hialeah say they're tired of the noise of wild chickens keeping them up at all hours of the night. 

This year, the city has received about 50 animal-related complaints – most about the raging roosters.

The City of Hialeah doesn’t allow homeowners to keep chickens, but it’s not hard to find the birds loose in some areas of the city. And they're causing a major headache for homeowners. 

During one instance, the state of Florida allegedly blamed “chicken droppings on the sidewalk” when it said a neighborhood home failed to provide a clean and decent living environment.

When it comes to dealing with the fowl, a city spokesperson said the best approach is to file a complaint against a neighbor who has chickens. But if you don’t know who the owner is, then you have to hire someone to remove them.

The chief of police sent an officer to the neighborhood. 

The city said they would hire a private company to remove the chickens... but days later said they hadn’t found a company willing to do the work for less than $100 per bird.

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