Former Officer Found Guilty Of Assaulting Valet Attendant

On Wednesday, a former police officer was found guilty of assaulting a valet attendant in Fort Lauderdale. 

John Kiernan will spend 30 days in jail as a result of the conviction of misdemeanor battery. 

He also will be placed on 12 months probation and be required to attend anger management classes.

After the verdict, Kiernan was put in handcuffs and taken to Broward County's main jail.

The New Smyrna Beach man testified in his own defense, saying he believed the attendant had a weapon in his pocket.

Kiernan said the attendant, Rodolfo Rodriguez, became verbally abusive after the two argued over the valet fee outside the Ocean Sky Resort on July 25, 2017.

A key piece of evidence at the trial is the surveillance video from the Ocean Sky Resort. It was played in court Wednesday.

The video shows Kiernan punching Rodriguez and knocking him unconscious after the argument over the fee.

Rodriguez was also called to the stand, replaying the night in question. He testified through an interpreter that both Kiernan and his wife, Amy, were hostile toward him.

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