Could Tight Margin Trigger Another Recount In Florida?

Ron DeSantis' margin of victory in the Florida governor's race narrowed Wednesday as additional votes were tallied.

The new recorded total comes close to the threshold required to trigger an automatic recount.

The total shows DeSantis ahead of Democrat Andrew Gillum by 0.57 percent of the vote or 46,722 votes. 

The state will conduct an automatic recount if the margin falls to 0.5 percent. 

Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, conceded the race to DeSantis late Tuesday, but signaled Wednesday that he would allow the recount to move forward.

"I’m looking forward to seeing every vote counted," Gillum said on Twitter.

A recount is already planned for the Florida Senate race, which Republican Gov. Rick Scott currently leads Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson by about 26,000 votes or 0.32 percent.

While Scott maintains he has won the race, the Nelson campaign believes a recount could change the outcome of the race and re-elect Nelson.

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