Pipe Bomb Suspect Cesar Sayoc Scheduled For Election Day Court Hearing

The man accused of sending pipe bombs to prominent Dems and other critics of President Donald Trump will make a court appearance Tuesday in New York.

Prosecutors said they will use the hearing to ask that Sayoc be held without bail because he is considered dangerous.

Sayoc has been accused of sending improvised explosive devices to numerous Democrats, Trump critics and media outlets in a scare that heightened tensions before the crucial midterm elections, happening the same day as his court appearance.

After being arrested last week, Cesar Sayoc now faces nearly 50 years in prison if convicted on five federal charges that were filed in New York.

His lawyers decided not to seek release on bail after prosecutors released a letter outlining more evidence against him, including DNA linking him to 10 of the explosive devices and fingerprints on two of them.

Other evidence includes online searches Sayoc did on his laptop and cellphone for addresses and photos of some of his intended targets, which included former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden, California Sen. Kamala Harris and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker. 

Packages were also mailed to CNN in New York and Atlanta.

Prosecutors say the most recent crude bomb was recovered Friday in California, addressed to the liberal activist Tom Steyer.

None of the devices exploded, and no one was injured in the pipe bomb scare.

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