Florida Election Polls: Who Will Take Home The Win This Midterm?

This year's midterm election will determine the entire composition of the House of representatives, and a third of the Senate. 

With a total of 470 spaces in Congress altogether up for grabs, the result will see either a stranglehold on President Donald Trump's power, or a solidification of Republican rule. 

Ultimately, this year could result in a House 'flip' where Democrats are able to wrest majority control, and polls are so far backing this as a possibility. 

Florida is one of the many states where the results for every available position is close. 

So who will win in Florida? 

Recent years have seen Florida leaning Democrat when it comes to the Senate. 

But this year, Senator Bill Nelson is facing stiff opposition from former Governor Rick Scott. 

Despite apprehension over the Senator, pollsters FiveThirtyEight, who compile data from a selection of polls, put Nelson with a 71 percent chance of keeping his seat. 

Florida is generally found to be much less Republican-leaning according to the site, which could mean Nelson is able to retain his seat in the Senate chamber. 

In the last 2016 general elections, which saw Trump take office, Florida was known as a 'swing state'.

This means the state could be tempted into either a Republican or Democrat majority, and thus could 'swing' either way. 

Florida's status as a swing state is apparently indicative of the composition of much of the US, as many people from around the country settle in the area.

Ultimately this means people of many different political leanings are voting this year. 


Still, the most important race in Florida this year is the one for Governor.

Ron DeSantis is hoping to keep the governorship Republican, but he is receiving harsh competition from Democrat Andrew Gillum.

At the moment, Gillum is tipped to win by a 77 percent margin, over DeSantis' 22 percent. 

The governor elections are a good testing ground for Florida's future, as a choice to elect Gillium as governor would be a support of Medicaid expansion. 

He is also a supporter of Donald Trump's impeachment, and with a Democrat majority, this could become a possibility. 

Florida is the third most populous state in the US, with 20,992,000 inhabitants. 

The Sunshine State tends to be reflective of the country in the sense that Florida is largely a collection of people from around the country.

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