5-1 Woman Mistakenly Chokes Out Bouncer at Club

A 22-year-old woman seen choking a bouncer into unconsciousness after she mistakenly thought he had slapped her on the bottom has been charged with second-degree strangulation, authorities say. 

Surveillance video of the incident was released by the Plattsburgh Police Department and appears to show the 5'1" 125-pound woman identified as Kierah LaGrave, choking the bouncer into submission near the Five1Eight nightclub's dance floor on Oct. 20. 

In the video LaGrave approaches the bouncer from behind and puts her arms around his neck. After a few seconds, they both fall to the floor. 

In another portion of the video, the 21-year-old LaGrave can be seen dancing with a friend at the bar a few moments earlier. The friend then slaps LaGrave on the behind after she turns away. That's when LaGrave turns to see the much taller bouncer and moves to take him down.

Police say the bouncer told them he didn't resist the chokehold because he believed it was a friend playing a prank on him. 

LaGrave later admitted to police that she choked the man because he had grabbed her. She's been released on her own recognizance and is due back in court on Nov. 20. 

Photo: Plattsburgh Police Department

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