Matt Damon Plays Angry Brett Kavanaugh on SNL


Saturday Night Live returned for its 44th season this weekend with host Adam Driver and musical guest Kanye West(or I guess, just ye now?) and they had plenty of material to work with. 

In one of the lengthier cold-opens to air on the show, Matt Damon stepped in the role of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, in a, let's call it angrier version of this week's hearing over the sexual assault allegations against him.

"WHAT?!" Damon's Kavanaugh shouts, starting the hearing. "Let me tell you this, I'm going to start at an 11 then I'm going to take it to a 15 real quick!" 

He told the committee that he wrote his speech while "screaming into an empty bag of Doritos." 

"I'm here tonight because of a shame, a political con job orchestrated by the Clintons, George Soros -- Kathy Griffin!"

"I'm usually an optimist," Damon said as Kavanaugh. "I'm a keg-half-full kind of guy, but what I've seen from the monsters on this committee makes me want to puke ... and not from beer!"

SNL Alum Rachel Dratch joined the fun playing Sen. Amy Klobuchar, who Kavanaugh confronted at the hearing over blacking out while drinking with "Have you?"

"Did you ever drink too much beer?" Dratch asked as Klobuchar.

"You mean was I cool? Yeah," Damon's Kavanaugh responded.

Kate McKinnon joined in the fun playing Sen. Lindsey Graham adding her flavor to the senator's righteous indignation over the hearing on Thursday. 

"You know what this is, Judge Kavanaugh? This is HELL!" McKinnon's Graham said. "This is my audition for Mr. Trump's Cabinet and for a regional production of 'The Crucible.'"

As Damon's Kavanaugh wrapped up the questioning, he shotgunned a beer and offered a warning to viewers at home. 

"If you think I'm angry now just wait until I get on that Supreme Court because then you're all going to pay," he said. 



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