Proposed Miami Police Contract Would Allow Officers On Drugs To Keep Job

A new contract between the city of Miami and the union for their police officers is sparking debate.

That's because one provision would give officers that test positive for drugs a second chance to keep their jobs.

The new deal would reportedly allow any officer who tests positive to be reinstated to the Miami Police Department if they enter a rehab program – paid for by the officer – within 72 hours of the test.

“The spirit of that provision in the contract is that if you have an officer who was involved in an accident in the hospital taking painkillers, that officer becomes dependent, that’s what that is supposed to be,” MPD Chief Jorge Colina said.

Colina said that any officer who is caught using illegal substances will not have a job with the department.

The proposed contract does keep the language in that any officer caught possessing illegal drugs will be terminated immediately.


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