Florida Mom Drives Drunk With Infant In Back Seat

Officials say they arrested an intoxicated, bikini-clad woman in Cape Coral after she caused a car crash while her 3-month-old rode in the back seat.

Kayla Rose Beal, 21, is facing charges of DUI with property damage, DUI with person under 18 in vehicle, and threatening a public servant.

The incident happened Monday on Del Prado Boulevard just south of Veterans Memorial Parkway.

In that crash, police say Beal’s car crashed into the back bumper of the car in front of her, causing the other car to spin out. Another vehicle was also damaged by debris from the crash.

Beal was driving the car with her boyfriend and their 3-month-old child inside.

Officers say that after the crash, Beal smelled of alcohol, had glassy eyes and slurred speech, and spontaneously uttered “I’m drunk, OK?”

Officers also recalled that as she was being walked to the patrol car to be arrested, Beal asked several times if she could take off her pants, but was only wearing a bikini at the time.

Beal was booked into the Lee County Jail, and DCF was contacted about the incident.


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