Miami Beach Police Employee Accused Of Tampering With Evidence

A Miami Beach Police Department employee is facing nine criminal charges after authorities say he knowingly falsified public records. 

Jason Bruder, a 13-year-employee and crime scene technician with the MBPD, is accused of not properly handling information and evidence in nine different cases. Bruder now faces nine misdemeanor counts of falsifying public records. 

Bruder was relieved of his duties in July, following a criminal investigation between the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office and the Miami Beach Police Department.

According to authorities, Bruder’s mishandling of evidence resulted in certain items being stored in a temporary storage locker under his exclusive control -- in some cases for many months -- rather than being officially checked into the MBPD’s evidence storage facility in accordance with Department procedures. 

There was no indication that any evidence was missing and no indication that money or narcotics were involved.

Now that the investigation is complete, the department says it will be taking action.

Miami Beach Police Chief Daniel Oates said “This a sad day for the Miami Beach Police Department. This behavior was a betrayal of trust. I am confident that our joint investigation with the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office has concluded appropriately. The employee remains on leave with pay. Now that the criminal case has concluded, we will be taking prompt administrative action.”


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