How To Help Those Affected By Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence made landfall Friday in North Carolina, and now people and organizations across the nation are stepping up to help those affected by the storm.

With Wilmington cut off from the rest of North Carolina by still-rising floodwaters from Florence, officials plan to airlift food and water to a city of nearly 120,000 people as rescuers elsewhere pull inland residents from homes threatened by swollen rivers.

The spreading disaster claimed additional lives Sunday, with at least 17 people confirmed dead, and the nation's top emergency official said other states were in the path this week.

Brock Long of the Federal Emergency Management Agency said not only to expect more impacts in North Carolina, but also "you are about to see a lot of damage going through West Virginia, all the way up to Ohio as the system exits out."

In Wilmington, the state's eighth-largest city, residents waited for hours outside stores and restaurants on Sunday for basic necessities like water. Police guarded the door of one store, and only 10 people were allowed inside at a time.

Here is a list of organizations that are seeking help from the public:

Greater Miami Jewish Federation: The Greater Miami Jewish Federation has established a special relief fund to provide assistance to people in North and South Carolina.

All donations will go directly to those affected by the storm. The Federation will cover all administrative costs.

Click here to donate online.

Checks can also be mailed payable to Greater Miami Jewish Federation at 4200 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Florida, 33137. Please note “Hurricane Florence Relief Fund” in the memo area of each check. 

For more information about the relief fund, call 305-576-4000, ext. 428.

Facebook: Facebook has activated a safety check on its Hurricane Florence crisis response page, where people can declare themselves "safe." Communities can also request specific supply needs or offer aid.

Task Force 75: GoFundMe has verified a campaign set up by a group of veterans who have brought boats and supplies to Wilmington to assist with search and rescue operations.

American Red Cross: In any natural disaster, blood drives are always a necessity. Click here to find out a location where you can donate blood or to make a financial donation to the Red Cross to assist with its relief efforts.

Americares: Americares is a health-focused disaster relief organization, which deployed a response team last week to North Carolina ahead of the storm.

The organization is collecting donations for emergency medicine and other supplies.

Click here to donate.

North Carolina Community Foundation: The NCCF is a humanitarian organization based in North Carolina that partners with local charities that also support the community. 

Click here to donate to the organization's disaster relief fund.

Bstrong/Delivering Good: The organizations bstrong and Delivering Good have partnered to collect supplies and monetary donations to help those affected by Florence. 

All monetary donations go directly to those in need by means of gift cards and bank cards. 

Click here to donate to bstrong/Delivering Good.


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