The Politics of Parkland Parents

These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them. This one is from The Hill, Group of Parkland parents endorse Nelson's reelection bid.

Fred, fresh off of interjecting himself in the Kavanagh hearings, is back to Florida politicking. It’s not the least bit surprising that he, or other, lifelong Democrats would be supporting Bill Nelson. What’s remarkable is the generally unchecked rhetoric (in the media) by Fred. His statement actually alleges that Governor Scott is potentially responsible for the Stoneman Douglas shooting. It’s one thing to say that you think Nelson’s stronger on the issue than Scott in your view. It’s quite another to go that far. Frankly, it’s outrageous. And what we’ve continued to see is that as activists like Fred continue to push the limit of what they can do and say without much resistance in the media, or by fellow South Floridians, he/they push it even further.  

Ironically, the examples of Pulse and the FLL shooting, are perfect for demonstrating the failures in our system. Just not the way it was communicated. In the case of the Pulse shooting the FBI was notified multiple times by co-workers of the threat of Omar Mateen. They interviewed him multiple times but as we came to find out cleared him, likely in part due to their conflicts of interest with his father working as an informant. Had the FBI acted more responsibly the shooting wouldn't have happened. 

A very different version of a similar thing happened in the FLL shooting. As we came to learn the shooter had been on the radar of law enforcement and even had his weapon confiscated. Mistakes were made, he got his weapon back and murdered people. Incidentally, there’s literally nothing the Governor of Florida could do to have impacted the outcome of that shooting under any circumstance. 

Then there’s Stoneman Douglas. We’re all well aware that once again the FBI over many months dropped the ball, along with potentially the school district and BSO. Yet, that’s evidently not the focus or concern of these activists.  

I’ve often wondered why it isn’t. Why wouldn’t your focus and accountability be on and with the agencies that failed you and others? Is politics simply more important? 



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