The Most & Least Polarizing Industries Today

From banks and drug companies to technology firms and education, most of us have feelings about these industries one way or another. Recently, Gallup took the time to find out what they are, and it was highly revealing.  

We’re all well aware that we’re highly divided politically these days. Most are also aware that politics have permeated almost every industry and increasingly specific companies within them. Gallup surveyed based on generations. 

First up, the least polarizing industry. There’s a two-way tie between the telephone industry (service providers) and utility companies. Both of these industries are viewed near identically, and generally positively, between the youngest adults under 30 and those over 65. Makes sense if you think about it. 

So, what industry do you think is the most polarizing?  

Whether you guessed it or not you’ll probably not be surprised to hear it’s the movie industry. More than 30% of adults under 30 the industry positively compared to negatively. While 6% more adults 65 and older view the industry negatively than positively. A 36% gap. In fact, the movie industry is only viewed positively by adults under 30. Here’s the breakout.  

Those who view the movie industry positively by generation: 

  • Under 30: 52% 
  • 30-49: 45% 
  • 50-64: 39% 
  • 65+: 32% 

As for the industries we’re most positive about overall regardless of generation.

  • #1 Computer industry: 56% (more positive than negative) 
  • #2 Restaurants: 55% 
  • #3 Grocery industry: 39% 

We are most negative about government with every generation holding a negative view of it for an average rating of –25%. Also, notable are the relatively low views of education and sports. Education only averages 14% more positive than negative views with sports averaging 23%. To give you an idea, in the minds of the average American education has the same rating as the often-maligned airline industry. 

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