The Best Day To Buy The iPhone You’ve Been Eyeing

You’re probably aware that once we get big product announcements, like Apple’s huge rollout yesterday, prices on legacy models come down. But how much? In years gone, most people weren’t as concerned about the actual retail cost of mobile devices because service providers would subsidize them with a contract commitment. Ever since the contract model went the way of Palm, most of us have to pay the full freight for our devices. Now, it is a much more important consideration. 

This has led to many of us waiting until a new product announcement to purchase the previous model at a discount. So, what’s the average price drop and what can you expect in the coming weeks?  

The average discount across all current iPhone models (X & 8) will average around $300. It’s not as easy as just looking up the retail price of an X or and 8 and assuming it’ll be $300 cheaper.  The more expensive the model is/was the higher the dollar amount will likely be but, with the inverse being true. 

So, for example, a base iPhone 8 that costs $649 will likely land about two hundred dollars cheaper. Now, a $1000 iPhone X might be coming down to as low as $600 with the new budget iPhone X. Historically, we’ve seen the initial discounting fully factored in two weeks after the product announcements. That means that waiting until September 26th is probably ideal. That's if you’re wanting to buy sooner than later and get the best deal possible in the process. 

Photo by: Getty Images



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