Florida’s Governor’s Race; The Most Consequential

Why Florida’s Governor’s race is the most consequential we’ve ever experienced. Here's today's important headline and my take on it.

From Myra Adams, RealClearPolitics, The Florida Governor Race Reflects America's Future.

My Take: The entire article is well worth-while. There’s not a lot I have to add. I’m reminded of what I’ve been warning of for a while. In this environment of increased partisanship and growing political divides, we have actual Socialists winning elections. While the affable Gillum told me that he didn’t identify with Socialism when I asked him the question, I’ve yet to find any differences in his positions and those of Bernie Sanders. The stakes are especially large in this race given that we’re Floridians and the political divide between candidates for our top executive have never been greater. However, as cited, what happens in Florida won’t stay in Florida. Especially if Andrew Gillum wins. Socialists and the hard left will become emboldened. Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton will suddenly seem conservative by comparison.  

There’s also a lesson for independents. The largest voting bloc in Florida isn’t registered to any party. Some do it for professional purposes, others don’t want to pledge support for a party even if they tend to break towards one, in particular. Still, others truly aren’t ideological voters. The potential downside of the largest voting bloc not participating in the partisan primaries in what’s staring us in the face. Not having a vote in who the leading candidates for office will be. If you’re concerned with what you perceive to be politically extreme candidates in either party, you might consider registering in the party you lean towards generally, so you can help shape who future candidates will be.  

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