Ford Vehicles Recalled After Seat Belts Cause Fire

About 2 million Ford F-150s have been recalled throughout the United States due to a fire risk caused by seatbelts. 

According to the company and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sparks may potentially ignite is the seatbelt is tightened too quickly. 

Seventeen instances of smoke or fire related to the recall were reported to Ford in the United States and six in Canada, but no associated accidents or injuries have been reported. 

The NHTSA said it had received five complaints from owners of F-150s who reported fires involving the pretensioner.

The fire risk comes from a device called a seat belt pretensioner, which quickly tightens the seat belt in crash conditions to secure the person in the seat. 

Sparks from the devices in the recall can ignite gases in the car which can then cause insulation and carpet to catch fire.


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