Florida Inmate Rearrested For Plotting Girl's Murder After Molesting Her

A Florida man already in jail for molesting a child has been arrested again for attempting to pay a hit man to murder her.

Authorities say Billy Pearce was arrested after offering another inmate in the Pasco County jail $9,000 to kill the young girl and the witnesses who testified against him.

The other inmate was able to obtain an actual contract from Pearce before informing authorities and recording conversations between himself and Pearce.

According to the report, Pearce wanted the man to kill the girl, along with her mother, father, sister, and uncle. He went as far as to explain the family's routine and best ways to access their home.

Officials were not surprised the other inmate turned on Pearce.

"You don't want him in society," said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. "Most criminals, there is a code, they don't like child molesters."


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