Blood Coming Through Margate Apartment Ceiling Leads Cops To Dead Couple

Blood coming through the ceiling of a Margate apartment led police to a deceased couple, authorities announced Monday.

According to Margate police, officers were called to an apartment complex at 3400 Banks Road Sunday afternoon to check on the welfare of a couple.

A maintenance worker allegedly told officials that a resident in the apartment below saw what she believed to be blood coming through the ceiling from the apartment above her. 

Police said Fire Rescue personnel removed the front door of the apartment and officers entered to find a woman and a man dead inside, both with gunshot wounds to the head.

Police said the woman, identified as 66-year-old Sally Mantzouranis was found lying in bed. 

Her husband, 84-year-old Nicholas Mantzouranis was found lying next to her on the ground. 

A gun was found next to Nicholas Mantzouranis, authorities said.

The couple's deaths remain under investigation.

Anyone with further information is asked to call the Margate Police Department at 954-972-7111.


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