Pembroke Pines Police Warn About Expen$ive Lottery Scam

Investigators in South Florida are warning people about a lottery scam.  

Pembroke Pines police say a well-dressed, Spanish-speaking man recently approached an 85-year-old man in a parking lot outside a BJ's Wholesale Club.  

The victim couldn't understand the man, so police say a woman -- who was in on the whole thing -- stopped and offered to translate.  

The scammer claimed to have a lottery ticket worth one-million-dollars, but couldn't redeem it because of his immigration status.  The man offered to give the victim and the woman half a million dollars each, if they each gave him $30,000.  

The woman then called a bogus number on speaker phone and "confirmed" the ticket was real.  

She eventually gave a bag of cash to the scammer, and the victim went to his bank, withdrew his 30-grand, and gave it to the scammer as well.  

By the time the victim went into a store to redeem the ticket and discovered the scam, both scammers were gone.  

Police say they've seen this kind of con before.  

They say you should ignore anyone who approaches you with a business proposition in a parking lot.


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