Are Millennials Disillusioned By The Midterm Elections?

A new survey suggests that, although millennials have a more positive outlook toward the Democratic Party than the Republican Party, they are not overwhelmingly enthused to vote in the 2018 midterms in November.

According to results from an NBC News survey, a majority of millennials (55 percent) say they will probably or definitely vote in the midterms, but 19 percent say they definitely or probably will not vote. 

Another quarter are uncertain about whether or not they'll vote.

Forty-seven percent say voting this year has about the same level of importance for them as past midterm elections, with white millennials driving that sentiment. 

Only 16 percent of millennials say they have a great deal of interest in politics and elections. 

Thirty-eight percent say they have a fair amount of interest, but 31 percent say they have only a little interest and 13 percent have no interest at all. 


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