Woman Convicted Of Feeding Husband's Ex's Body To Gators

Authorities in Texas say a woman already found guilty of helping kill her husband's ex-girlfriend has now been convicted of disposing of the body by first trying to dissolve it in acid and then feeding it to alligators.

Amanda Smith Hayes and her husband, Grant Ruffin Hayes III, were convicted in 2014 of killing Laura Ackerson.

The couple killed Ackerson in 2011 at their apartment Raleigh, N.C. apartment after a dispute over the two children she and Grant shared,

Ackerson's body was cut up with a power saw by the Hayes' and driven to a Texas home owned by Amanda's sister.

There, the couple first attempted to dissolve the body with muriatic acid, but when that proved unsuccessful, they dumped Ackerson's remains into alligator-.infested waters.

Ackerson's torso and leg were later found in Oyster Creek.


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