Man Charged With Setting A Miami Apartment Building On Fire!

A man caught on camera setting the front of a Miami apartment building on fire was charged Monday for arson and attempted murder.

Surveillance cameras captured a witness tackling Luis Menendez, 23, after he poured gas and ignited the flames early Monday in the 1500 block of NW 15th Street.

Police say Miguel Quintero became suspicious after the man went up to him and asked for directions.

A few minutes pass and Quintero notices a shadow pass his window -- what he described as being "a big ball of fire."

According to a police account, Quintero ran outside and banged on his neighbor's door as the doormat engulfed in flames. He also tackled the suspect. 

A struggle ensued, but Quintero was able to hold him down until police arrived.

Menendez is facing three counts of attempted murder, one count of first-degree arson and a battery charge. He is being held on $21,500 bail, according to an arrest form.


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