President Trump's Approval & View of The Country

This is a weekly story to get a reality/temperature check regarding what's really going on with public opinion of the President and our view of the direction of the country. First here's the high point, low point and current ratings for President Trump.   

  • Trump's lowest ratings: 37% approval and 59% disapproval: -22% (8/4/17)           
  • Trump highest approval ratings 45% approval and 43% disapproval (1/27/17): +2%                         
  • Trump's current ratings: 44% approval and 52% disapproval: -8%     

It’s been three weeks since the previous update and the noise has been awfully loud around the President, but Teflon Trump's rating has only improved by one point over the past few weeks. Increasingly, it appears as though whatever media depicted impropriety or crisis of the day is being reported about the President, the only people who’re listening are those who already didn’t care for the President.   

We also continue to see that in sampling the President continues to fair best with likely voters. Adult only samples his rating over the past week averaged 42%, registered voters came in at 44% and likely voters at 46%.

For comparison's sake, President Obama's average approval rating on this date in his second year in office was 46%. That's two points higher than President Trump's rating but with likely voters at 44% which is two points lower than President Trump’s.  

Looking at the direction of the country this week. As of today, right direction 40%, wrong track 52% and net negative 12%. That leaves a change of +17% under Trump and +2% over three weeks ago.

Aside from the noise of the day in the news, we’re continuing to experience the best economy in a generation. The latest numbers in employment and wage growth reflect it. It’s probably not surprising that we’re seeing that wash through in our overall optimism. 

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