Miami Model Facing Murder Charge After Attack Caught On Camera

New surveillance footage shows a Miami model allegedly hitting a panhandler to death with a bat at a gas station. Authorities say the model is now facing a murder charge.

The video shows the June 8 encounter at the Valero gas station at 570 Northwest 79th Street between 32-year-old Hivo Rolando Gonzalez and Pedro Cruz.

Gonzalez had stopped for gas in his black pickup truck that was towing a boat when Cruz approached, according to an arrest report. At one point, Gonzalez lunged at Cruz with a "large object" in his hand and struck him in the head, the report said.

Cruz began to run away and Gonzalez chased after him and struck him on the head a second time, knocking Cruz to the ground, the report said. 

Gonzalez fled the scene without calling 911 or rendering aid, the report said. Cruz was taken to a nearby hospital where he never regained consciousness. He died a few days later.

Gonzalez was arrested the day after the incident and now faces a second-degree murder charge. 

He remains held without bond.


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