What News Media and MTV Have in Common

Today's hysterical headlines boil down to the lowest common denominator on what News media and MTV have in common. 

This headline comes from the Sun Sentinel, MTV VMA ratings hit an all-time low. Here's how to put the viewership number in perspective. 

In 2016 more Republicans were elected top to bottom in the US than at any time since the 1920’s. The news media has responded with 91% negative coverage of the Trump administration. Coming into 2016 the NFL was enjoying record viewership. Then Kaepernick and his merry band of ignorant ingrates happened and has been allowed to fester. The NFL has lost 20% of its viewers since. And award show after award show features entertainers with fake names that smear the views of about half of Americans that are responsible for the millions these fools make. See a trend here?  

Clearly what all of these entities have in common is a greater desire to appease a political base that has nothing to do with the product they’re delivering in the first place. Fascinating to watch albeit frustrating to see. 

Photo By: Getty Images


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