Miami Federal Judge Accused Of Threatening Ex-Girlfriend With Gun

A federal judge in Miami has been arrested after authorities say he threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun while their son watched... and then ran away from officers

According to police, the female victim arrived at 51-year-old Timothy Maher's home on Tuesday to pick up the child of whom they have joint custody. Maher and the woman had lived together for nearly four years but broke up in April, according to an arrest report.

The woman texted Maher, who carried the boy outside while wearing a holstered pistol. 

As Maher approached her, she said he shined a flashlight toward her face and told her "I'm going to show you what pain is about" as their son was crying, the report said.

Maher allegedly handed over the child but kept shining the flashlight at her, and she called 911 and started to drive away, the report said. 

She says Maher pointed a laser-sighted long-barrel gun at her as she drove off.

When officers arrived on scene, Maher wouldn't answer the door but an officer saw him inside his home trying to hide behind a wall, the report said. 

Officers set up a perimeter around the home and made contact with Maher over the phone and convinced him to come outside after about an hour, the report said.

Maher appeared in court Wednesday morning. The judge that he went before ordered him to be held in lieu of a $13,000 bond. 

A 'domestic violence with children' case was filed back in June.


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