Florida Woman Finds Razor Blade On Walmart Cart

A South Florida woman said she cut herself on a razor blade embedded in the handle of her shopping cart at a Coral Springs Walmart.

Faith Ferels said she didn't think the blade was in the cart when she first grabbed it Sunday from the front of the store in the 3800 block of Turtle Creek Drive.

But while shopping, she grabbed the cart and touched the blade.

Ferels said she doesn't know whether someone placed the blade inside the handle while she was away from the cart, but the thought disturbs her.

Ferels said she went to the customer service desk, where employees took a photo of the cart and gave her a bandage.

She now hopes video from the store's security cameras will shed light on what exactly happened.

Ferels said the cut was minor and is thankful her children weren't hurt.

Walmart said it is investigating the incident and is regularly inspecting carts at the Coral Springs store.


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