Florida STEM Program Helps Students Combat Cyberbullying

The FBI’s goal to fight against online crime has led to the creation of a local scholarship program that’s drawing the attention of South Florida high school students.

FBI agents were in South Florida this weekend, hoping to generate interest in the subject among local teens — with the help of a new STEM program.

It’s part of the Scholarship for Service program, which aims to recruit young talent to protect the country in the future.

The bureau pioneered the new program at a handful of schools. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math, the subjects that make up the bulk of the curriculum.

The program features a strong focus on public service.

The program’s goal is to help create a highly skilled generation of cybersecurity experts. Students who make the grade can receive full tuition to college — if they commit to studying cybersecurity and working for the local, state or federal government.

Cypress Bay High School is among those taking part. Students are preparing for potential careers with the nation’s most premier law enforcement agency.


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