Our Town Featuring The City Of Coral Gables

On part two of today’s Our Town segment; we talked with Coral Gables Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli. He started off with details on Coral Gables being the first city in Florida to allow scooters on its streets. Gables is trying to find alternatives to cars and make the city more livable. However, the response from the public and their acceptance is what the Mayor is waiting for to approve scooters on August 28th.

The power of social media is also taking the city by storm; there are thousands of people taking selfies and making Coral Gables one of the most Instagramable cities in the country. Mayor Valdes-Fauli said, “People are coming because they enjoy it, they want to be seen. They want to see the umbrellas. We’re a very photographable city.” 

As for tourism, the city is ready to set more records this year. The mayor encourages South Florida residents and visitors to stop by Coral Gables and enjoy the ambiance. Especially, the restaurants, parks and new projects like the Umbrella Sky and Venetian posts and Venetian pool.

Photo By: Getty Images



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