Our Town, City Of Hollywood

In today’s segment of Our Town, we talked to City of Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy. People are using online reviews and their view on destinations to make decisions when booking their next vacation. Mayor Levy is proud to mention that Hollywood Beach is ranked by TripAdvisor users as one of the best beaches in America; they are ahead of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Mayor Levy also covered the proposition of raising property taxes as Hollywood looks at General Obligation Bond in early 2019.  Levy said, “Hopefully we’re putting together good value propositions that will ultimately increase property value. If you have better-paid teachers, more secure schools, more attractive schools than you have more attractive neighborhoods and cities. That will all go toward appreciating property values and so the investment that the residents will be making by paying back these bonds and voting for these taxes. Hopefully, will result in increased property value of their own homes.”

The City of Hollywood is also getting more attractions not just by its beaches but with new developments that are enhancing Downtown Hollywood.  Levy mentioned the award-winning mural project where locals and tourists can take a tour of over 20 murals. They can also enjoy an exclusive downtown dining experience and a stroll by the Hollywood Arts and Culture Center.

Photo by: Getty Images



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