LINK: Deadline Looming On 2020 Citizenship Census Question

You have until tomorrow night to submit your comment to the U.S. Commerce Department about the 2020 census which is slated to include a question about your citizenship.

Civil rights advocate John Yang believes if nervous illegal and even legal immigrants fail to return the forms, Florida could lose congressional seats.

"If there's a miscount of residents in Florida, that also means that Floridians wouldn't get the amount of resources they would be entitled to with respect of federal funding, with respect of business opportunities," he says.

He stresses both the Census Bureau and Congress will pay attention to the comments submitted: "If a lot of people express their concerns, this is also something Congress can fix." 

Click here to submit a comment.

A final decision on the status of the citizenship question won't likely be made until early next year.

This would be the first time in 70 years a citizenship question has been asked on a census.


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