Dashcam Video Shows Miramar Officer, Second Car Driving Erratically On I-75

A dashboard camera  captured a Florida police patrol car and another vehicle driving erratically along Interstate 75 over the weekend.

The video taken on Saturday involves a Miramar police officer. 

In the video, taken by a witness, the marked cruiser and the other car weave in and out of lanes at what is described as a high rate of speed.

A Florida Highway Patrol incident report says the officer driving the patrol car was Ashley Abreu of the Miramar Police Department. 

Abreu told responding officers that a domestic incident took place at her house, involving her and the father of her children, 24-year-old Roberto Zaldivar. 

The silver sedan being driven by Zaldivar appeared to sideswipe the police car, a witness said. When the sedan made contact, the police car swerved. 

Abreu told officers that she could see Zaldivar following her in his Nissan as she drove to work, according to the FHP report. Abreu told officers she attempted to evade Zaldivar, but he veered from lane to lane and ended up side swiping her patrol car in the process.

Witnesses say the two cars eventually pulled off to the side of the road before Zaldivar's Nissan fled the scene. No lights or sirens were seen or heard.

FHP officers said the incident resulted in damage to Abreu's car. 

At this time, Zaldivar remains at large, according to FHP. 

An investigation continues. 

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