Florida PD To Undergo Sexual Harassment Training After Alleged Remarks

An entire Florida police department is being ordered by city officials to undergo sexual harassment training after one chief's alleged comments regarding a female officer's nipple. 

The Bradenton Herald reported last week that an investigation started after a female detective complained that Palmetto Police Chief Scott Tyler said a female reserve officer's "puffy nipples" were visible through her shirt. 

According to the paper, the detective made the complaint while she is under investigation for allegedly being the aggressor in a domestic violence incident involving her husband.

Those complaints prompted Palmetto Mayor Shirley Groover Bryant to ask for an investigation.

Tyler denied making the "puffy nipples" comment. He said that he responded to other officers comments about how the reserve officer was dressed and pointed out that her breast was not visible.

The chief and his entire department will now undergo sexual harassment training. 

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