NRA A+ Reporting

The following article from the Sun-Sentinel is a story you shouldn't miss and my take on it. NRA's grades for Florida candidates are out. Who got an A+?

Hot Take: To the credit of the Sun-Sentinel reporter there wasn't any editorializing in this piece. However, it was the top story of the Sun Sentinel yesterday and we all know what this is about. The NRA has been made to be the bogeyman. Rather than seeking answers and accountability from the failures at the FBI, the Broward School District, BSO, etc., a completely unrelated entity was made to be the focus of ire by activists. As a result, something that the NRA's done every election cycle with essentially zero coverage from local media is now being made into a huge story to excite those who aren't fully informed and are led by emotion over facts.  

It'd be helpful if the local media would take half as much interest in informing the public that far more lives are saved by defensive use of firearms than ever taken by them. That the average legal gun owner is 50% less likely to commit any crime than someone who doesn't legally own a firearm. Florida has the highest concealed carry permit rate in the country and our crime rate hit a 47-year low. The NRA had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Parkland but alas I'll have to continue to be that person. And here's the thing, as I've mentioned before, I'm not a member of the NRA and I don't agree with their entire agenda. In fact, using their grading system I'd likely get a C grade from them based on my views on reforms. But that's all beside the point. I always search for the facts and the truth and I go where they take me. Is that too much to ask of those in the media whose job it is to simply report them?  

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