ICE Protesters Shutdown Miramar Intersection

A Wednesday protest calling for the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency shut down a Miramar intersection.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance advocacy organization said the protest is made up of nannies and mothers. The protest was taking place near the ICE Field Office in Miramar.

"Nannies and mothers from Women Working Together, the Miami Workers Center and the National Domestic Workers Alliance will rally in South Florida to denounce the inhumanity and harm being caused to children at the hands of ICE due to the Trump administration’s 'Zero Humanity' and family detention policies," the advocacy group said in a press release. "The groups will join immigrant youth, families and advocates to demand that the ICE Field Office in Miramar be closed down and that ICE be abolished at the federal level."

Demonstrators at the protest could be seen lying down on the road in the middle of the intersection of 145th Avenue and 29th Street.

President Donald Trump's "zero tolerance" policy toward illegal immigration generated controversy as his administration faced sharp criticism over the separation of children and families.

The administration has since said it would work to reunite separated families.

The Miramar Police Department has urged motorists to avoid 145th Avenue from Pembroke Road to Miramar Parkway due to the protest.

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