Florida Boy Keeps Pets Safe From Pesky Toads

Ten-year-old Landen Grey is known as the Toad Trapper around his hometown of North Naples.

Accompanied by his father, Landen has been hired by North Naples residents to rid yards and condo complexes of cane toads (a poisonous invasive species that puts pets and other animals in danger).

Their poison is white and sticky. If a dog or cat grabs the toad, the poison will stick to its mouth.

The Naples Daily News reports Landen has been catching toads all summer. 

According to the paper, he has 56 clients and is consistently booked out two weeks in advance. 

Him and his dad, Tim, are usually done within an hour at one property. The toads usually are about the size of a small grapefruit but can grow even bigger. Their lumpy gray and brown skin gives them the appearance of rocks until you see their eyes.

When they catch the toads, Landen and his dad stick them in a bucket in a garage fridge for two or three days and then freeze them before disposing of them.

They began work by using NextDoor, a social media app and website for communities to help keep neighbors in touch with each other. 

Landen's mother, Heather, helps him organize his schedule and keep track of emails and phone calls.

Recently, they have worked with state agencies to develop a way to use the toad poison for tadpole traps. The poison attracts the tadpoles, which then can be trapped and eradicated before they become toads.

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