Dog Dies From Saltwater Poisoning At Florida Beach

A Florida man is warning other pet owners about the dangers of saltwater poisoning after his dog died at a Tampa beach.

Local news outlets report that Chris Taylor brought his Labrador Retriever, O.G., to the beach on Honeymoon Island last week.

After a few hours of playing, the two returned home and O.G.'s problems began. The dog began vomiting and had diarrhea. O.G. wasn't eating and was moving around in a daze, according to Taylor.

Taylor took O.G. to a veterinarian where he learned his pet of seven years was severely dehydrated and had suffered brain damage from the saltwater.

O.G. also suffered a seizure while at the vet's office. The dog had to be put down.

Saltwater is highly toxic to animals and can be life-threatening when ingested in large amounts.

Doctors recommend limiting trips to the beach with your pets to two hours and to provide plenty of fresh water for the animals.

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