Remember Blockbuster? There's Officially Only One Store Left Standing!

Talk about nostalgia! Can you remember the last Blockbuster in town? It may seem like the video store disappeared forever ago... but it really hasn't been that long. AND, there's still a Blockbuster standing!

There is one Blockbuster video store left in the United States.  

Until this past weekend, there were three remaining brick and mortar Blockbusters. Over the weekend, though, two Alaska stores closed their doors. 

Now, the video store in Bend, Oregon (150 miles southeast of Portland), is the sole survivor. 

Over ten years ago, the video rental giant had 9,000 stores across the country and was already struggling with competition like Netflix on the scene.  

In 2011, Dish Network acquired Blockbuster through a bankruptcy auction and the doors started to close in large numbers.  

The general manager of the Oregon store says they will keep stocking their DVDs, Blue-Rays and video games and there are no plan to shut down the lone remaining U.S. Blockbuster any time soon.

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