Woman's Flushed Wedding Ring Found In Orlando Sewer

Public works officials near Orlando were able to recover a woman's wedding ring Friday morning after she accidentally flushed it down the toilet. 

Gina Henken told local news outlets that she took the ring off while cooking at her home in Oviedo and put it in her pocket. Moments later, the ring her husband gave her nearly 30 years ago went missing in the bathroom.

Henken says she searched throughout the house, but couldn’t find it. She determined that the ring had been accidentally flushed down the toilet!

After her husband Steve, who serves on the city council, was unable to find the ring in the home’s sewer cleanout, he called the public works department and spoke to the director.

A technician came to the scene, jumped into a 20-foot manhole and was able to locate the jewelry before giving it back to the husband.

Officials from the public works department told local news outlets that no preferential treatment was giving to the councilman and that they would have done the same thing for any member of the community that asked for help.

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