Walt Disney World Orlando Serves Up New, Booze-Filled Beignets

It's hard to go wrong with a fried dessert covered in powdered sugar in the first place, but now Walt Disney World in Orlando is taking their beignets to an even more magical level.

Disney is now serving up booze-filled beignets at Scat's Cat Club in their Port Orleans Resort. 

An order of three Baton Rouge Beignets is $8, and comes with a pipette of alcohol (!!). For the pipette, you choose the booze: Bailey's, Kahlua, or Rumchata, and then infuse the hollow beignets yourself. 

Disney Food Blog reports that you can only choose one type of alcohol per order. If you want to try all three, make sure you go with a group!

It's a dessert and a nightcap all in one!

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