Schools Around Country Are Using Miami-Based School Security App

More than 200 schools across the country are now using a Miami-made security app to screen visitors in order to prevent school shootings.  

The app is called CONCIERGEpad.  It's an iPad app that lets schools screen all visitors against sex offender registries, banned-persons lists and mug shot databases. The app also lets schools make sure the right adult is picking up or dropping off a student, and can text parents in emergencies to let them know their child's status.

The app does not do criminal background checks.

According to the "Miami Herald," the app's sales saw a major bump after the school shooting in Parkland.

About 250 schools in eight states are using it, including more than 80 schools in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, and all 62 schools in Collier County.    

CONCIERGEpad founder and CEO Rene Perez is a graduate of Columbus High School in Miami.  

The team behind the app is based in a co-working space in South Miami.

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