Marlins Really Showed Small Biz Who's Boss

Your daily doses of nonsense in the media and my takes on them.

From the Miami Herald, What do the Miami Marlins think of Papa John’s founder’s apology? You’re out! 

My Take: You sadly can tell what's in the hearts of some people when certain words are in their vocabulary. So yeah, everyone loses in this deal, except for Papa John's competition I suppose. But, here's the thing. That quote, "The Marlins are committed to an inclusive environment for all of our fans." Mr. Schnatter’s derogatory and insensitive comments are not at all reflective of the values of our organizationWell ok, that's nice and all but guess who else shares those same values, Papa John's! Schnatter's been completely removed from the company he founded over this and Papa John's is a public company so what are you actually trying to prove other than pandering to the uninformed? Maybe if you're successful shareholders lose money and small business owners of franchises get hosed? That's a win?  

The second one, Trump Again Alienates Allies & Compliments Enemies Chuck Todd, NBC News

My Take: Let me ask you, Chuck. If you were lied to and robbed by someone would you be upset, or would you call them an ally? If you pushed back on being lied to and robbed, would you expect someone like yourself to suggest that you're alienating your ally? How absurd is this really? Or are we just supposed to be a combination of ignorant and/or stupid enough to think that you have a point? No one disputes that the US has been ripped off by every NATO country. That every other NATO member hasn't paid what they've promised and are obligated to and instead have left us, the American taxpayer, to hold the bag for their lies and abuse. Much like the UN. When does it matter that we, the people paying for this, are alienated?  With friends like these and journalists like you – who needs enemies?  

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