The Business of Death Row Executions

The execution of Scott Dozier has been halted… for now. He was set to be executed with a three drug cocktail using fentanyl that has never been used before. But in this case that wasn’t the issue… Drug maker Alvogen sued to block the use of a sedative they make called midazolam. Chris Kudialis, reporter for the Las Vegas Sun joins us to discuss why a judge sided with a drug company to stop the execution of Scott Dozier.

Next, President Trump is in Brussells for a big NATO summit. Always one to stir the pot, the president called out Germany for going into business with Russia, and also demanded higher military spending by allies. Greg Hellman, defense reporter for Politico joins us to talk about how much money our NATO allies are spending on defense and also the next big meeting President Trump will have, a face to face with Putin.

Finally, are you afraid of needles? Do you find yourself getting nervous when it’s time to take your medicine? Mike Feibus, health tech analyst, joins us to talk about some of the cool new alternatives startups are exploring to deliver treatments pain-free. One of them includes taking a pill that dissolves in your body and THEN gives you a shot!



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