Enforcing Immigration Law Discourages Illegal Immigration

These are stories you shouldn't miss. First up, from the Sun Sentinel, Stoneman Douglas shooting commission: PROMISE program flawed but not relevant to massacre  

Hot Take: The biggest takeaway from the MSD State Commision is that you can add Cruz's late mother to the list of people who didn't stand in the way of the attack happening. She was labeled an "enabler" for allowing him to purchase firearms despite his long string of mental health concerns. 

Next up, from the Miami Herald, U.S. immigration hard-line spurs some would-be migrants in Honduras to think twice

Hot Take: More evidence that the policy is starting to work. That's the entire point of the Trump administration's enforcement policy. To ensure that illegal immigration isn't attempted in the first place. Under the Obama administration only approximately 25% of those detained crossing illegally were processed. We saw that it led to huge spikes in illegal caravans and crossings putting everyone at risk in the process. By processing 100%, illegal immigrants know that if they're caught they'll be deported and likely worse off than if they hadn't attempted to illegally cross in the first place. That's the benefit of law and order. Deterring crime is the most effective form of law enforcement.

Lastly, from the New York Times, Kavanaugh Must Answer the Abortion Question

Hot Take: I'm totally onboard with this idea provided that pro-abortionists finally decide that all girls/women are educated about what an abortion is and what will happen based on how far along they are. Why wouldn't you want transparency for those considering an abortion and an informed person making the decision? Why have you fought so hard over the years to keep that information from girls/women prior to an abortion?   

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