Trump Admin. Missing Deadline To Reunite Migrant Children With Parents

The Trump administration is missing today's deadline to reunite young immigrant children with their families at the US-Mexico border under President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” prosecution policy.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer Lee Gelernt admits to NBC's "Today" show that the process is a difficult one.

Justice Department lawyers believe they'll be able to return as many as 59 out of 102 children under age five who are in government custody.  

Judge Dana Sebraw, who imposed the deadline, promised the government that he’ll extend the deadline for the few dozen children remaining — as the government works with the ACLU to try to figure out what a reasonable timetable is to vet parents who have been released from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention and locate those who’ve already been deported.

Additionally, a San Diego federal judge has ordered thousands of older migrant children be reunited by July 26th.  

More than a thousand illegal migrant children are being housed in South Florida.

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