FL Authorities Help Finish Job Of Man Who Had Heart Attack While Laying Sod

Firefighters and paramedics in Pasco County recently responded to reports of a homeowner suffering a heart attack while laying down new grass. After authorities transported the man to the hospital, they returned to the home to help finish the job!

Gene Work was reportedly laying down new sod in his yard when his wife, Melissa Work, said he began to experience heart attack symptoms.

Work had to cease his project, but allegedly continued begging his wife to put the sod down so it wouldn’t go to waste.

“It’s ALL he kept asking about literally during a massive heart attack,” his wife wrote on a Facebook post. “I calmed him and kept saying ‘Jesus will help us. It’s ok. Jesus will figure this out babe.'”

After Pasco County Fire and Rescue left the scene, the same crew later returned to help finish laying down the grass.

Pasco County Fire and Rescue wrote on Facebook,”We believe in helping the community whenever we are needed.”

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