Woman Shot While Watching Miami Shores Fireworks With Children

Authorities say a South Florida woman was celebrating the Fourth of July at the Miami Shores Country Club when she was shot by a stray bullet.

Patricia Beyhaut said her young children were only inches away from her at the time of the incident. She said that she and her two children were watching the fireworks display when she was shot. 

As the fireworks display came to a close, something hit Beyhaut in the leg.

Beyhaut originally thought she had been hit with a golf ball. But when she looked down, she realized her injury was much worse.

She was taken to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center and underwent surgery to remove the bullet.

Police believe despite all of the warnings given out leading up to the holiday, this was likely a stray bullet from someone shooting straight up into the air.

Beyhaut is successfully recovering from the incident. 

Her children were shaken up about the incident but are doing OK, as well.

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