The Cost of Common Senseless Immigration

 These are stories you shouldn't miss and my takes on them. 

First up, from the Miami Herald -  Here's how much taxpayers are spending to house unaccompanied immigrants 

Excerpt: It wasn't exactly a war zone. But when the Obama administration needed to rapidly set up a full-fledged medical operation at a Homestead center for unaccompanied migrant children, it turned to a private contractor whose prior experience included providing critical medical services at one of the largest US military bases in Iraq. 

Today, the Homestead shelter is housing children who have been separated from their families. Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for Health and Human Services (HHS), told El Nuevo Herald that 391 girls and 801 boys were housed there, for a total of 1,192 children. 

The federal government has signed contracts for more than $2 billion to shelter unaccompanied immigrant children.  

Hot Take: And this is, of course, the other critical consideration in this story. How far would $2 billion go in communities like Homestead? But rather than $2 billion being spent to revitalize communities to benefit Americans. it's money, debt, being spent by Americans to care for those who've circumvented our laws and legitimate immigration process. This has long been the under-told story of illegal immigration. We're already spending $2.6 billion in foreign aid direct to Central American governments and then we're paying an additional $2 billion to account for illegal immigration inside our country. How is it justifiable that we have more than 43 million Americans that live below the poverty line in communities that often are disparate, with 18+ million in "deep poverty" yet spend billions on non-Americans inside our own country, let alone through foreign aid? 

Photo By: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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