Florida Education Association Files Lawsuit Against State Over Union Law

The Florida’s teachers union on Monday morning filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of a new “busting unions” state law. 

The union argues that the law unfairly targets the local groups that represent public school teachers across the state.

The lawsuit by the Florida Education Association challenges the legality of HB 7055, a multi-pronged education bill the Florida Legislature passed and Gov. Rick Scott signed into law this spring.

It targets a provision that requires local teachers unions to reapply for certification from the state, if their membership fell below 50 percent of the teaching staff in their district. 

That could mean unions would have to keep holding costly and time-consuming elections to remain active.

The lawsuit was filed in circuit court in Leon County. 

Three members of the Florida Public Employee Relations Commission are named as defendants because they are charged with enforcing the new law

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